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Why Boom Commerce?

At Boom-Commerce we are convinced that e-commerce can open doors to a self-determined life. Whether you’re an e-commerce newbie or an experienced merchant, we have the know-how and tools to help you on your way to success.


Dive into our curated suite of services designed to propel your Amazon journey in the UAE. From initial setup to strategic growth, each service is a stepping stone towards achieving your e-commerce aspirations. Explore below and select the perfect fit to begin crafting your success story.


Launch Your Business with Confidence

Amazon Performance Check

Boost Your Amazon Success with Clear Guidance

Amazon Account Management

Maximize Your Sales with Us as Your External Team Member

to EU

Export Your Business to Amazon’s EU Region with Success

Marketplace Consultancy

Your Tailored Corporation towards Marketplace Success


Learning from the Source

Mareike’s journey didn't start in a classroom or from a book. It started at Amazons very own headquarters. Working directly with Amazon, she dived deep into the business of Amazon marketplaces & gained insights that most only dream of.

Growing up brands from the ground

Beyond theory, we have walked the talk. We have cultivated and grown our own successful brands like Siegertreppchen. We were navigating the same challenges you might face - we have been there and guide you to success.

Helping hundreds of sellers

Throughout our e-commerce carrier, we have had the privilege to assists over 400 sellers in optimizing and scaling their Amazon business. From small-scale set-ups to grand enterprises - we have seen and solved it all.

Living the dream

Its not just about business, its about lifestyle. We’re a testament to the freedom and possibilities an Amazon business can offer, traveling the world and cherishing every moment of our little family.

Our Mission

Your path to a self-determined life through the power of e-commerce

We are Karsten and Mareike. Our journey as digital nomads started with the dream of freedom and self-determination. Since our little sunshine – our son – joined us, our definition of freedom has expanded. It’s not just about working from anywhere, but also about spending precious time with family and being intentional about every moment. At Boom-Commerce, we share our knowledge and passion for e-commerce with you. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your business to the next level, we’re by your side.

Our Vision

A world where everyone lives their dreams, combines professional success with personal freedom, and consciously decides how and where they spend their time.

Our Value

Your success is our goal.