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Amazon Account Management

From Our Amazon Mastery to Your UAE Triumph

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Picture this: the secrets of success unlocked for you, led by those who’ve mastered the journey. At Boom Commerce, we’ve grown deep roots in Amazon’s success within the EU. We transplant that knowledge and those proven strategies into the UAE market. Your business won’t just launch; it’s set to soar!

Under the leadership of Amazon veteran Mareike Thomas, we’ve propelled many brands inclusive our own brands to impressive heights. Our journey has equipped us with an intimate understanding of Amazon’s complex landscape, from overcoming common obstacles to implementing winning strategies.

Starting your venture is more than just posting products; it’s about crafting a forward-thinking strategy that positions you ahead of the pack. From initial account setup to launching your first products, we manage every detail for you, streamlining your path to sales.

Choosing Boom Commerce means launching on with a distinct edge. Embrace our seasoned insights to elevate your business from day one. Embark on your adventure with us and watch your brand shine brightly.

What You Get - Your Key to Start on Amazon.AE

In the marketplace, achieving success goes beyond simply listing your products. It requires a holistic approach right from day one, incorporating strategic use of relevant keywords, optimized text, and product detail pages designed to maximize conversion rates. This is where our Amazon Set-Up service shines, offering a comprehensive pathway to ensuring your business not only launches but thrives on

Our service begins with Comprehensive Account Opening Assistance, guiding you through each step of the Amazon account opening process. This includes thorough document screening and KYC assistance, ensuring your account complies with all requirements and is ready for business. But setting up your account is just the start.

With Amazon Brand Registry Setup, we help protect your brand and unlock powerful tools that allow you to build and grow your brand presence on, making it easier to manage your products and prevent counterfeit issues.

Initial Product Listings are crucial. We professionally list your first three products, ensuring they are designed to stand out and attract your ideal buyers by highlighting what makes your products unique and desirable.

The creation of a Brand Store offers a significant advantage, developing a branded storefront to showcase your products and enhance your brand’s visibility. This virtual space is entirely yours, allowing you to tell your brand’s story and connect with customers.

Lastly, A+ Content Creation elevates your product detail pages with rich content that sets you apart and can significantly increase your conversion rates. This is where the true art of selling on Amazon lies – in presenting your products in a way that resonates with and compels your audience.

Amazon FBA Setup integrates Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon service into your operation, providing hassle-free shipping and handling, so you can focus more on your product and less on logistics.

By taking a holistic approach from the outset, we set the perfect path for your success on With Boom Commerce, you gain not just a service provider but a partner committed to seeing you excel in the dynamic and promising UAE market.

Deep Dive on your Amazon UAE Start

KYC Preparation

We ensure that you have everything it requires to open an account

Account Opening

Together we open an account for your future Amazon success

Amazon Brand Registry

We are unlocking brand owner dedicated tools for your Amazon account

Brand Store

Increase conversion and brand awareness by setting up your brand store on Amazon

A+ Content

Increase your listing efficiency by setting up one A+ content for your listings


Product Listings

Get your first three products listed on Amazon

Amazon FBA

Setting up your account for products with Prime badge

Your Selling on Amazon


Launch Your Business with Confidence

  • Speed to Market: Our direct “We Handle It” approach propels you onto swiftly, enabling a rapid launch without the usual delays.
  • Comprehensive Strategy: We don’t just list your products; we optimize them with a holistic strategy, ensuring your listings are attractive and effective from the start, setting a strong foundation for your ongoing success.
  • Efficiency and Savings: With our expertise, you bypass the learning curve and common errors, saving both time and money. Our knowledge translates into direct savings for you by doing it right the first time.
  • Kickstart Your Sales: Begin selling to’s extensive customer base immediately, showcasing your brand among thousands from the outset. Our support means you start with momentum, not from a standstill.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

With our streamlined setup process, you can be ready to sell on significantly faster than going it alone. We aim to get you up and running as quickly as possible, often within a few weeks, depending on your readiness and the complexity of your product line.

Our holistic strategy encompasses not just listing your products but optimizing every aspect of your Amazon presence. This includes keyword research, A+ content creation, brand registry setup, and more, ensuring you’re positioned for long-term success right from the start.

Our expertise in Amazon setups prevents common mistakes that can be costly and time-consuming. By getting it right the first time, you avoid unnecessary expenses related to account issues, listing errors, and inefficient advertising spends.

By leveraging our expertise and Amazon’s vast customer base, you’ll have the opportunity to start generating sales shortly after your products go live. The exact impact varies by product and market, but our optimized approach is designed to give you the best possible start.

Amazon requires sellers to have a legally registered business. Our service includes assisting with the documentation and verification processes to ensure your business complies with Amazon’s requirements.

Absolutely! The Amazon Brand Registry protects your brand and provides access to marketing tools that enhance your brand’s visibility. We guide you through the application process, leveraging these benefits to differentiate your brand on

Our initial setup includes the listing of your first three products to get you up the road. However, we are here to help you list additional products now and in the future as an additional service.

Absolutely. You retain full ownership and control over your Amazon Seller account. Our role is to set up and optimize your account and listings. Once set up, you decide how much you want to manage on your own or whether you’d like further support.